About Search Utopia Ltd

Real search optimisation is strategic and passionate.

It determines exactly who you’re targeting, it qualifies them, and it directly leads to business growth and results.

We enable businesses to grow by utilising the digital world to drive pre-qualified hand picked leads straight to your on-line sales funnel.

By utilising the power of the internet we can take your business to the next level enabling you to live the life you planned to have when you started. Our growth strategies are tried and tested and executed with a passion for results.

Search Utopia is not an agency it is the vision and work of one man who believes the best way to get what he wants is to help others get what they want. Darren Boyle has been providing an exclusive service to a handful of businesses at a time ensuring maximum success and attention to detail in providing clients with the new customers needed to explode their business growth.

Darren Boyle belongs to a unique & exclusive entrepreneurial group of the worlds best search engine marketeers who are single handedly responsible for making more millionaires than any other online marketing group period. We spend millions on research, development and training to ensure we stay at the very top of our market.

I have been a full time SEO consultant since 2009 and have performed expert SEO services for many clients in many markets, all of which have had dramatic increases in their business turnover. It is not unusual to see an 800%+ increase in visitors to their websites, take into account that these visitors were searching for their specific targeted keywords and you can see the value of those qualified leads.

Marketing Planning Solutions

I started working in information technology in 1988 aged just 18 and have an excellent understanding of complex IT systems. My work has taken me around the globe and I have worked in some amazing places, mainly in the financial industry working for large international banks and financial institutions including the London Stock Exchange.

I have had to deal with all sorts of people from board directors to end users and have the ability to explain things in a way which both can understand.

My ability to perform search optimisation techniques on both new and old websites drives me forward as I love the challenge of staying one step ahead of the pack (and Google’s various algorithm changes). This website that you are on now was only purchased in September 2015 (click here to verify this) and was released to the search engines over a week later after I had build my website. You will see that in less than two weeks I have now achieved significant results to appear in the searches considering I am going up against the rest of the Search Engine Optimisation industry professionals.

Today I create a new tomorrow

All of my tactics are white hat and above board – I put my name to this, I just stay ahead of the crowd using the newest and most effective SEO techniques and practices. I participate in worldwide industry related seminars often staying up until 4am (due to time differences) to hear what people around the globe find is working at the moment and what is not.

You can be sure that I only use ethical and cutting edge techniques to rank first in Google and the other search engines, I take your business seriously, it’s my reputation on the line. When I work with a business I partner with them to ensure a trusted relationship is being built as when you grow I grow.

Thank you for taking the time to pop by,

Darren Boyle