SEO Case Study: Local Builders Merchant

SEO Case Study: Local Builders Merchant

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SEO Case Study for Small Loads Ltd

This is a case study of a local builders merchants who we helped 4 years ago, they are still going strong.
(Names & Keywords may be obscured due to client confidentiality)

  1. Year 1 – 845% Increase in Traffic
  2. Year 2 – 65,065% Increase in Traffic
  3. Year 3 – 4,554,550% Increase in Traffic
  4. Year 4 – 7,651,644% Increase in Traffic
  5. Year 5 – 12,701,729% Increase in Traffic

845% Increase in Traffic to Website

Increase Google Visitor Traffic

Back in May 2012 I was told that a local company were looking for some help in growing awareness of their brand and products. I contacted the person responsible for the company and we set-up a meeting to discuss how we could help them.

After our initial meetings we put together a scalable proposal to increase the reach and visibility of their old HTML website which would run for a period of 6 months. The initial SEO campaign was a great success and increased their website traffic by over 847% – see screenshot below, click to enlarge

Shortly after this the company moved into a new premises 10 x the size of their initial property

The client was very impressed with the efficiency of the SEO campaign and retained my services (to this day) to handle all of their website requirements.

In September 2012 they decided to take full advantage of their new visibility and commissioned me to design them an additional website specialising in a very specific niche product which they had previously been supplying from their main website. This website was released and ranked on the first page of Google for all of their keywords within 4 months and still exists today providing an additional income stream for the business.

The Clients main website was still gaining momentum on a daily basis and ranking for more and more keywords driving pre-qualified traffic straight into their sales funnel.

In the second year the website had increased it’s visitor count by a further 77% making the overall traffic increase for year two 65,065% since their initial consultations with us.

1 year later the traffic increased by a further 70% making the overall traffic increase 4,554,550% since our initial seo consultation.

Now in 2017 due to the scale of their growth they have re-branded to celebrate the success of this family run business.

Since working with us they have achieved a massive 12 million percent traffic increase in 5 years.

Find out more in their new brand video below.


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